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Reduce Heat Gain, Fading, & Glare. Increase Comfort & Security.

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Why Window Film

Windows are an architectural necessity to every building and home. They allow for breathtaking views, enhanced aesthetics, and brilliant natural light. But there are several drawbacks to windows as well. Intense sunlight streaming through windows heats your space’s interior temperature to uncomfortable levels and fades your furniture, floors, and priceless keepsakes. It also casts glare across television, computer, and device screens, causing you to squint and strain your eyes in order to see. The transparent nature of glass provides little privacy, and the vulnerability of windows puts your family, employees, or possessions at risk in the event of an intruder, bomb blast, or natural disaster.

Window tinting provides solutions to these challenges, including temperature control, glare reduction, privacy, and safety & security.

Our Solutions

Temperature Control

Increase occupant comfort and save money year round.
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Glare Reduction

Minimize glare across screens and through your windows.
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Make sure no one can see into your home or commercial building.
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Safety & Security

Protect your home, office, storefront, and everything inside.
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About Us

Pittsburgh Window Film

We have been the trusted name in reducing heat gain, fading, glare, and increasing comfort & security in the Pittsburgh area since 1975. Pittsburgh Window Film was started by 3M to provide products from their Energy Control Products division. Fast forward almost 40 years later, and we have installed over 2 million square feet of film to homes and businesses in the greater Pittsburgh community. As an independent corporation, we specialize in specifying and installing window film products.

You don’t have to choose between your view and preserving the comfort, privacy, and condition of your space. PA Window Tint offers premium quality 3M window films to mitigate the undesirable side effects of the sun, while maintaining the appearance of your gorgeous windows. Our window films provide superior sun control, privacy, safety, and security for residential and commercial spaces. With over 25 years of experience, our team of window film professionals will guide you in selecting the perfect solution for your unique application and ensure a seamless installation that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Client Testimonial

  • “TJ, Kelly, and the installers at Pittsburgh Window Film are a delight. I felt right at home working with them and was extremely satisfied with the detail and service they provided my home. I’m looking forward to working with them again on my next house project”

    Keith Brown, Houzz

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