Safety and Security
Window Film

Invest in an Added Layer of Invisible Protection

Are you concerned about how your windows would hold up in the event of a natural disaster or bomb blast? Do you need to protect your property from attempted break ins? Trust safety and security window film to safeguard your space and everyone in it.

Improved Protection Against Security Threats

Security window film provides increased protection to your building. When applied to your storefront doors and display windows, this film deters smash and grab burglaries without unsightly metal bars or cages over your windows. When a pane breaks, this film holds the shards in place and provides an added barrier to delay entry. As an Authorized 3M Dealer designation, Pittsburgh Window Film offers 3M Ultra Security Film, a patented micro-layered security film that allows for added protection at same thickness as traditional 2-ply security film. It is available in both 6 mil and 8 mil thickness.

Enhanced Window Safety

When a building inspector walks through a newly constructed building, they sometimes notice that a window is not up to safety code. This setback often forces contractors to postpone a project completion date to replace the glass. Safety film provides as a cost and time effective alternative to replacing glass to meet safety glazing impact requirements. 3M has impact tested its films to pass safety-glass building codes such as ANSI Z97.1 or 16 CFR 1201. Safety film can be installed on existing glass to meet all standards of laminated glass, as opposed to replacing the glass entirely.

The benefits of safety film surpass code requirements. Additional benefits include:

 99% UV blockage to prevent fading of floors and furniture

 Reduced solar energy transmission to maintain comfortable interior temperatures

Increase the security and safety of your building with our safety and security films.

Solar + Security Film

For additional fade and solar energy protection, opt for a solar security film that increases security and provides benefits from traditional solar window film. Check out 3M’s Ultra Night Vision Series that has night vision technology built into their Ultra Security Film.

3M Impact Protection Attachment System

Adhere security film to your frame with an attachment system for added impact protection. Pairing 3M’s security film with an attachment system will even provide protection against bomb blasts and prevent flying glass shards from harming those around windows or doors.

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