Window Film

Maintain a Sense of Privacy in Your Home or Commercial Space.

Do you feel like you’re on display for the whole neighborhood as you sip your morning coffee from the couch? Is it difficult to find a private area in your open-space office for confidential meetings? Privacy window film may provide the solution you need.

Privacy Solutions

Window films can provide excellent privacy. Reflective film can turn the window into a mirror, or we can “smoke” the window with a dark non-reflective film. This will allow visibility out but not in, but only during the daytime. The “one-way” effect doesn’t work the same way at night, because the opposite side of the glass is now lit.

Another effective way to achieve privacy is to frost or opaque the window. Patterned films provide privacy and add a distinctive, subtle texture to the glass while maintaining excellent light transmission. We can use a variety of films ranging from simple frosted films to colored vinyl. With these, you'll have privacy day or night, but your visibility may be limited. Some films emulate sandblasting or acid-etching to provide a variety of patterns and textures. The tradeoff is that there is little or no vision through the window.

The design options are endless with frosted window film. We usually cover the window edge to edge, but adding a small gap around the edges can add style and elegance. More detailed designs are also possible, such as your company logo.


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