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Do you need to reduce the glare in your building? Glare reduction is simple. If you want to reduce the glare by half, simply reduce the incoming light by half. How do you decrease the incoming light? With window tint.

Sources of Glare

In the home environment, glare comes from two main sources. The first is the light from interior fixtures that is reflected from surfaces or TV or computer screens. An effective solution may be as simple as rearranging the room to a more favorable orientation. The second is caused by the extreme difference in light levels between sunlight transmitted through exterior windows and the light within the room. Solutions for this condition should consider factors such as the use of daylight in lighting and the need to retain vision through the glass.

Types of Glare Complications & How to Solve Them

Glare can be divided into two categories: Discomfort and Disablement

Discomfort Glare

Discomfort glare is uncomfortable and fatiguing. Over prolonged periods, the strain can cause headaches. This type of glare is often present in the home, resulting in discomfort and decreased visibility.

Disablement Glare

Disablement glare can make it dangerously difficult to see, similar to how an approaching car with their high beams on may restrict your vision altogether.

Discomfort glare from windows can be greatly reduced by applying a window film that reduces visible light transmission to an appropriate level but maintains vision through the glass. Disablement glare is best managed with translucent window films that may maintain a higher level of light transmitted into the space but preclude vision through the glass, dark blinds, or shutters.

These solutions should be matched with other pertinent characteristics of the home or commercial building. Professional specifiers can help achieve a good balance between aesthetics, cost, and effective relief from glare.

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