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Pittsburgh Window Film is the trusted name in reducing heat gain, fading, glare, and increasing comfort & security in the Pittsburgh area. We offer a tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge about glass and the window film products we use to modify it. We are “film and glass geeks,” and we’re proud of it.

From Humble Beginnings to the Hilton

Pittsburgh Window Film began in 1984, renting office space in a suburb of Pittsburgh. After six years of persistence and hard work, we bought a building in the city originally constructed as a single-family mansion in 1840. The previous owner of the building was a commercial company. They built a warehouse on the back end of the building, making it the perfect setup for our business operations.

In the early years of Pittsburgh Window Film, a significant portion of our business was installing automotive window film, as well as a few products from the 3M Energy Control Division. Due to Pennsylvania’s strict automotive window tint regulations, we moved away from tinting car windows and began specializing in commercial and residential applications on flat glass.

Now, in the year 2021, we have installed over 3.7 million square feet of film in homes and businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Our films coat the windows of many iconic Pittsburgh landmarks, such as the Gateway Center, Hilton Hotel, Frick Mansion, Nova Place, K&L Gates, and Foster Plaza.

Our Window Film Solutions

Previously, most of the flat glass installations we performed were for solar film. In recent years, there has been a large shift towards decorative and security films. While there is still a high demand for solar film, the other types of film have rapidly grown in popularity. For instance, the architectural trend of using glass everywhere in commercial spaces, from storefronts and conference rooms to room partitions and door inlays, doesn’t allow for much privacy. Installing decorative film, graphics, logos, and more to transparent glass surfaces helps to add a degree of privacy while enhancing the appearance of glass in a way blinds or other signage cannot.

Our Solutions

Temperature Control

Increase comfort and save money year round.
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Glare Reduction

Minimize glare across screens and through your windows.
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Limit visibility through windows on your home or commercial space.
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Safety & Security

Protect your home, office, storefront, and everything inside.
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Custom Graphics

Reinforce your brand and communicate your message.
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What Makes Pittsburgh Window Film Different

Several factors differentiate Pittsburg Window Film from our competitors, including our transparency, technical expertise, and years of experience. If we believe we cannot fulfill your needs or expectations at any point in the consultation process, we are forthright about those limitations. We prefer to walk away from the sale rather than mislead you about our solutions’ capabilities. Our window film experts devise calculated solutions to situations and are not content unless we can fully address your needs.

Perhaps the most impressive line on our resume is the years of experience of our lead installers. Jim and Mark have been installing window film for our company for 25 and 22 years, respectively. They have seen it all and have extended their knowledge and expertise to our installation team’s newer members.

Elegant Solutions for Complex Challenges

Allow our team of window film experts to help you find the optimal solution for your space. From improved security and energy efficiency to enhanced privacy and aesthetics, our products help solve a variety of challenges faced by homeowners, business owners, property managers, architects, and more. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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