Specialty Window Films

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Pittsburgh Window Film provides specialty window film for very specific needs. Whether you want to protect your windows from graffiti, better manage the sun, write on walls, or obscure large display screens, we offer the highest quality of products to help you enhance the performance of glass. Contact us if you need assistance determining which film best solves your residential or commercial problem.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Repeatedly cleaning up property damage quickly becomes bothersome and expensive. Rather than scrubbing off graffiti only to have it reappear the next morning or replacing existing surfaces each time a vandal targets your property, invest in a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Anti-Grafitti Film provides a protective barrier to surfaces, shielding them from damage. While the vandal believes they are leaving a permanent mark on your property, in reality, they have only damaged the film. Simply peel away the Anti-Grafitti Film to reveal an unscathed surface beneath. The film removal and reapplication process is much less costly and time-consuming than replacing damaged surfaces or repeatedly scrubbing away a vandal’s “artistic” expressions. Apply the film to both interior and exterior surfaces, including elevators, storefronts, bathroom stalls, and more.

Transitional Film

Remember those commercials for eyeglasses with lenses that transition from light to dark based on the amount of light exposure? We offer a specialty window film with similar capabilities. On sunny days, the film darkens to limit the amount of heat and light entering your space. Conversely, when the sun is less intense, the film transitions to a more transparent state. The visible light transmittance varies between 75% and 35%, depending on the amount of UV exposure. With a life expectancy of 13 years, our Transitional Window Film will help reduce fading, glare, and heat gain in your space for years to come.

Whiteboard Film

Take collaboration and creativity to the next level with 3M Post-It Flex Write Surface whiteboard film. This ultrathin and lightweight alternative to traditional dry-erase boards can be applied to existing whiteboards, glass, and walls. Team members, employees, students, teachers, and more will love this tactile and interactive method of brainstorming and information sharing. The defining feature of this unique product is its compatibility with both dry-erase and permanent markers. The common mistake of writing on a traditional whiteboard with a permanent marker leaves the surface irreversibly damaged. However, permanent marker can be removed from 3M Post-It Flex Write Surface with just a cloth and water, saving you money on whiteboard replacement costs and keeping your space looking crisp and clean.

Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking Film obscures LED display screens when viewed from the opposite side of the glass by filtering specific light oscillations. This film is ideal for glass conference room walls with large display screens showing confidential information, such as financial reports, employee evaluations, and other forms of private data. When passersby look through the glass, they still clearly see the room’s contents. However, the display screens appear black, allowing you to foster confidentiality while maintaining an open-space environment. Casper Cloaking Film can be paired with decorative patterned film for enhanced privacy, branding, aesthetics, and even safety to prevent collisions into the glass.

Smart Film

Achieve privacy on-demand with Smart Film technology. With the flip of a switch, the treated glass transitions from clear to frosted and vice versa. This privacy solution provides the perfect option for commercial spaces where confidentiality is required under some circumstances, but the light and airy feel offered by transparent glass is desired for typical day-to-day operations. Control methods include wall consoles, remotes, and even a smartphone app.

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