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Meet Building Codes with Safety Glazing Film

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In an effort to better protect building occupants, the International Building Code has an entire chapter dedicated to glass and glazing regulations. On glass surfaces most likely to impact occupants, certain safety glazing standards must be met. If the glass doesn’t meet the specified requirements, then the building isn’t up to code. However, replacing all the existing glass is an expensive and wasteful process. The good news is that there’s a better option: safety glazing film. 

Safety Glazing Film vs Glass Replacement 

Why would adding a thin layer of film be better than replacing the entire glass pane? Although investing in all new windows may seem like the best solution, there are actually numerous benefits to opting for safety glazing film instead. Not only can it offer as much protection, but it can also bring your building up to code faster and for far less money. 

Almost 7x Cheaper Than New Windows 

Investing in 3M Safety Glazing Film is nearly seven times cheaper than installing new windows. That’s an incredible amount of cost savings. Plus, replacing windows that are still in good condition is creating unnecessary waste. In addition to being just a fraction of the cost of new windows, window film also pays for itself after just a few short years. 

Quick Return on Investment 

Along with being more affordable, safety glazing film offers a quick return on investment. Most buildings that apply window film can see a positive return on investment in as little as three years. By improving energy efficiency, buildings can maintain temperatures easier and reduce energy consumption to drive down utility costs. The initial investment of window film is well worth the future energy and cost savings. 

Tested for Proven Performance

Safety glazing films manufactured by 3M are tested to meet certain impact requirements and glass standards, such as ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201. Testing is essential to ensure the film can offer protection if the glass were to shatter upon impact. Flying glass shards are extremely hazardous and potentially lethal, which is why you need to be prepared and protected. 

Easy Way to Meet Building Codes

Window film requires hardly any downtime for installation, meaning you can bring your building up to code in no time at all. The quick application process won’t cause long disruptions to business operations or the building occupants. Although safety glazing film is tested to meet specific requirements, local building codes vary. As such, it’s best to consult with a local code official for the proper approval guidelines.

Enhance Your Building’s Safety with Window Film 

If you need to bring your building up to code, take a second thought before purchasing new windows. Safety glazing film might be a better solution that will save you both time and money. Bringing your building up to code is important, but what really matters is protecting your occupants and keeping them as safe as possible.

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