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Why Choose 3M Window Film: Longevity, Dependability, & Functionality

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Window films offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to a wide array of residential and commercial occupant concerns. Whether you’re looking to enhance the security of your storefront, prevent premature fading of your hardwood floors, or improve insulation to reduce your energy bills, window film can help you optimize your space.

If you’re considering window film for your home, office, or storefront, the first step is determining which window film product is best for your space. While there are many manufacturers on the market, one brand stands out at the forefront of the industry: 3M window films. 

The 3M Brand

As the original window film patent holder, 3M Company has been a leader in the development and advancement of window film technology since the 1960s. 

3M Company Logo. 3M Science. Applied to Life.
3M Company is the original window film patent holder.

3M is well-known for its adhesive products, which range from Scotch® tapes to Post-It® notes. Adhesive technology is also foundational to the design of window films, allowing the product to adhere and seal tightly to existing glass surfaces to provide long-term protection. 3M continues to lead the research and development of new and improved window film products designed for various applications, including temperature control, glare reduction, safety and security, privacy, energy efficiency, and interior design enhancement.

The longevity of the 3M brand and its key role in the industry affirms that the products you choose are of premium quality and that your investment will stand the test of time.

3M Window Film Warranty

Another reason to feel secure about your investment in 3M window films is the 3M Warranty. An industry-leading manufacturer warranty backs window films produced by 3M Company. 

The duration of the warranty period depends on the product and whether the film is applied in a residential or commercial application. Most residential applications carry a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you continue to live in your home. Warranty periods for commercial applications vary, but most products are supported for 10-15 years after installation.

Types of 3M Window Films

3M offers a number of different product lines, each designed to address a common concern.

Sun Control Films

Regulate interior temperature for improved occupant comfort, reduce glare and UV-induced fading, improve insulation for better energy efficiency.

Safety & Security Films

Deter break-ins and vandalism, protect occupants and property, promote safety, and mitigate risk.

Decorative & Privacy Films

Enhance privacy, elevate aesthetics, promote your brand, customize your space.

Why Choose a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

It’s not enough to choose a great product. For a window film to perform optimally, it must be installed by a trained professional installer. To identify an experienced provider, look for a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer. 

3M Authorized Window Film Dealer. Prestige Dealer Network.
Look for this logo when selecting your 3M window film installer.

Installers with the 3M Authorized distinction have access to and deep knowledge of 3M’s window film products. They have been professionally trained to provide superior installations backed by the 3M warranty, and they are committed to the highest standards of quality and service. 3M Authorized Window Film Dealers represent the best and most trusted partners in the industry. 

When you’re ready to take the first step in your project, contact your local 3M Authorized Dealer. They will help you identify the best product for your particular space, concerns, and budget. You can proceed confidently knowing you’ve chosen the best window film and partner for the job.

Pittsburgh Window Film remains the most trusted name in window film in the Pittsburgh, PA, area since 1975. Our company was started by 3M to provide products from their Energy Control Products division. Over 40 years later, Pittsburgh Window Film is now an independent corporation and one of the longest-standing 3M Premier Elite Window Film Dealers. Our window films address a variety of concerns, including temperature control, fading, glare, privacy, security, and decorative aesthetics. Contact us for a free quote.

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