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Protect What Matters Most with Window Film for Home Security

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While security cameras and alarm systems can help keep your home protected, is it enough? If an intruder tries to break into your home, are you as safe as possible? As glass shatters with the slightest force, windows make your home vulnerable to a variety of threats. Whether you have glass doors or easily accessible windows, they are often an easy target for intruders. With window film for home security, you can give your home an added layer of defense to protect against break-ins, burglaries, and natural disasters. 

Delays Intrusion 

Every year, over one million burglaries occur in the United States. Over half of those involve forcible entry. Security cameras and alarm systems help identify the intruder and alert authorities, but they do not provide physical protection at susceptible points of entry. Window film for home security is designed to make glass harder to penetrate, giving your home additional protection against intruders. This added layer of security means that extra time and effort are required to gain entry into your home. Security window film also serves as a deterrent. When met with the unexpected resistance provided by the security film, the intruder may abandon their break-in attempt altogether.

With 3M Safety & Security Film, your windows become harder to break through in the event of an attempted break-in. In addition, the longer it takes the intruder to access your home, the more time you have to call for support or escape. Most burglaries happen in under ten minutes, meaning any delay could potentially scare them away and hinder their progress. 

Protects Against Natural Disasters 

Glass doesn’t only shatter in the event of an intrusion. Accidents and natural disasters also pose a safety risk to your home. From earthquakes and storm debris to random one-off accidents, windows can easily break at any given time. With window film for home security, you can improve the safety of your home. Safety and security film will help hold glass together, no matter what causes it to break. The film’s adhesive technology mitigates the dangers of flying glass, including injury to occupants and property damage.

Your Home Should Always Feel Safe

When you’re at home, you never want to worry about your family’s safety. The enhanced protection provided by safety and security window film can put your mind at ease. Along with an extra layer of protection around your home, window film can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency, block harmful UV rays, and reduce glare. Window film for home security offers comprehensive protection so you can feel safe where it matters most.

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