Commercial window film applied to glass for privacy

Window Tint Benefits for Commercial Spaces

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Window tinting provides many benefits to commercial spaces. The architecture of most large commercial complexes, warehouses, or industrial buildings utilizes a lot of glass. Although glass lends itself to natural light and outdoor views, it also causes temperature fluctuations, privacy concerns, and wasted energy. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your building’s carbon footprint and save money, window film is an option worth considering. Along with lowering energy usage, there are several other window tint benefits: 

  • Saves Energy & Reduces Cost
  • Improves Safety & Security 
  • Enhances Privacy 
  • Prevents Fading & Blocks UV Rays
  • Doubles as Advertising 

Saves Energy & Reduces Cost

Applying window film to glass improves its insulating properties to save both energy and money. It helps block and reflect solar heat to better maintain interior temperatures and can work to retain warmth as well. With reduced carbon emissions, window film can potentially earn your property LEED credits. Not to mention, window film has a quick return on investment. Most spaces see positive returns within as little as three years, meaning you’ll eventually save more money than you spent in the first place. 

Improves Safety & Security 

Vandalism, accidents, and natural disasters are never predictable. That’s why it’s best to always be prepared for the worst. Because glass is extremely breakable and hazardous once broken, Safety & Security Window Film offers protection for both your building and its occupants. Designed to hold shattered glass together if broken, it delays intrusion and prevents potential injury. 

Enhances Privacy 

Decorative window film comes in a variety of patterns, styles, colors, and opacities, meaning it can add privacy to otherwise open spaces. From glass conference room walls to storage room doors, decorative window film can enhance privacy and hide otherwise unsightly or cluttered areas that you may not want customers or the general public to see. It’s also great for adding privacy between cubicles, individual office doors or windows, or even bathrooms. 

Prevents Fading & Blocks UV Rays

Did you know that window film reflects the sun’s light and heat to prevent fading and block harmful ultraviolet rays? Not only are UV rays harmful to our health, but they’re also one of the main contributing factors to fading, along with solar heat, visible light, and other miscellaneous causes. Window film blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays, so you can not only protect occupants’ skin but also mitigate the fading of furniture, flooring, artwork, and other valuables. 

Doubles as Advertising 

While there are plenty of predesigned window film options, this versatile product can also be customized for your space. Custom graphics and window film can double as advertising, strengthen branding, and enhance aesthetics. They’re also an excellent option for listing business hours, directories, and other important information you might need potential customers or visitors to know. Because it’s incredibly customizable, the creative potential with window film is practically endless. 

Start Experiencing the Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

With both functional and aesthetic advantages, there are many reasons to invest in window film for your commercial space. At Pittsburgh Window Film, our window tinting experts can help you select the perfect film for your property.

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